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My name is Brittany. And I am loving every bit of life I encounter.If you need someone to talk to I'm always here



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I promise my co-workers love me….and that I work..hard……. @eftreez @rianne_richter
You are a child of the universe. Made of stardust and magic. We are beautifully imperfect creatures who can love and feel so deeply. Run wild. Drink in the freedom. Revel in youth. Rebel. Be loud. Never be complacent. Realize what you deserve and that is happiness. Be one with nature. With the world. Breathe and love and feel as deeply as you can. Exhale negativity and stress and all that holds you down. Let go of your anchors and sail free through the uncertain ocean. Freedom is the most precious gift we are given in this wild life. Live, Laugh, Love to the fullest. Namaste.


If you don’t mind cuddling all day or being lazy and sleeping on top of me while watching movies. Or eating pizza or getting hickies. Come be mine

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